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Certified Technical English to Spanish Translation Service in North CarolinaThe former Belfast borough of Lisburn enjoys city status since 2002. Located 8 miles south of Belfast, Lisburn is rapidly becoming the second largest district in Northern Ireland. Although the local economy is diversified, the five most important sectors are retail, health care, public administration, business services (accountancy, marketing, legal services), and manufacturing (mainly rubber, plastic, and tobacco goods).

Are you a Lisburn-based individual or company looking for a reliable and experienced Spanish translation agency? Do you require the services of a qualified Spanish interpreter to assist foreign visitors during their business trip to Lisburn? Do you need to translate highly technical documentation, like product specifications, safety manuals, or user guides? Are you a legal firm looking to expand your services and include the local Spanish-speaking population? LinguaVox can be of assistance in all the cases mentioned above. We are a technical Spanish translation agency now offering our services to businesses and individuals in the Lisburn area.

English to Spanish and Spanish to English translation services are our specialty, but we can also help your company in Lisburn with translations in virtually any language (English-French, English-German, English-Italian, English-Portuguese, English-Arabic, English-Chinese, etc.)

English-Spanish Translation in Lisburn

Spanish Translators in LisburnIn compliance with European and international directives, LinguaVox works exclusively with translators that possess proven skills and experience. Our large database of translators includes professionals who provide their services in all Spanish-speaking countries (Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Chile, Colombia, etc.), so that we can assist our clients back in Lisburn with a highly personalised translation service.

Spanish Translation Services in Lisburn

LinguaVox, a highly reputed translation company, with offices both in Europe and North America and a long-standing position in the translation field, can help your company in Lisburn reach that market in case you would like to translate your web site, brochures, presentations, etc. from English into Spanish or Spanish into English. Together with LinguaVox’s quality certificates (ISO 9001 and ISO 17100), the success of your business will be guaranteed. Request for a free quote for Spanish translation: click here